134 Huperzine A, Which Is Extracted From Traditional Herb Huperzia Errata, Has Attracted The Interest Of Medical Science Because Of Alleged Neuroprotective Properties.

My personal thanks to all who have made this opportunity possible, Most of much on top of the FDAn thing. Just as the qi held by each of the zang-fu organs, this is considered to be part of the 'principal' qi simplified Chinese : 元气; traditional Chinese : 元氣; pin yin : yuánq of the body 46 also called 真氣 Chinese : 真气; pin yin : zhēn q, ‘’true‘’ qi, or 原氣 Chinese : 原气; pin yin : yuán q, ‘’original‘’ qi. 47 In contrast to the majority of other functional entities, xuè 血, “blood” is correlated with a physical form – the red liquid running in the blood vessels. 48 Its concept is, nevertheless, defined


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